commercial building lease commercial building lease commercial building lease

Commercial Building Lease

Industrial Securities offers value added services to ensure that your commercial building lease rate is the best possible available.

Commercial Building Lease

There are numerous ways to assess the market value of a commercial building and the lease building rate.
 and   get the estimated market value. If there is a commercial lender concernedinvolved,  a surveyorthere will most certainly carry out anbe a  nappraisal process completed by a suveyor  who wilandl draft the a valuation report  and which will incorporates his opinion on the value of the commercial value of the property for lease. 
Although this process is usually used for different valuation purposes, it may be worth to consider doing the same prior to obtaining a commercial building lease as well. This will ensure that the price quoted the lease, reflects the open market value and the potential use of the property.
Industrial Securities although provide traditional real estate agency services  and  is also involved in providing a more modern integrated service and has the facility to undertakes the above mentioned appraisals and other aspects of value added services.


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